I'm learning how to pay attention.

Photography is changing the way I see; it's definitely teaching me to become a better observer.​​​​

Combined with my newfound appreciation of wandering for the fun of it, I'm loving the freedom of exploring some of my backyard's natural spaces and documenting my discoveries. (You may notice my fascination with trees and water.)

Tell me where to send you a once-or-twice-a-month update featuring my newest work, the narratives that accompany it, and special offers for bringing my photographs into your cherished spaces.

The rare Charitable Research Reserve is a not-for-profit organization committed to responsible stewardship of over 900 acres of land near the shores of the beautiful Grand River, where I live.

They're busy protecting our local lands and fragile ecosystems, growing fresh produce in their community gardens to stock the shelves at the local food bank, and actively engaging in recognition and reconciliation efforts with the local Indigenous community.

The photos in this collection are meant to honour our local, natural landscapes. They were made while wandering, practicing the art of noticing.


Fifteen percent of the purchase price of any sized print from the "Honour" collection will support rare Charitable Research Reserve's Turn the Map Green campaign, in which every dollar helps ensure future protection of environmentally sensitive land.