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A List of Thanks

The Blog Post In Which I Express Gratitude and Dodge Rabbit Droppings

Simple gratitude on the blog this week.

Last Sunday, I woke to the golden glow of the sun, low in the east. Overnight, the moisture in the outside air had solidified into tiny ice crystals, coating surfaces with a delicate spray of white that positively sparkled when the sunlight met them.

The snow in my backyard nearly reached the tops of my boots. The top layer had hardened to a powder-covered crust, and I could see the imprints of tiny rabbit feet zigzagging across the yard. Droppings were scattered about as if the bunnies had pooped while in motion (maybe they had; I don’t know anything about bunny habits).

I breathed deep; the cold air clearing the way to my lungs. I moved here and there, my boots making deep gashes in the snow - so clunky and undignified compared to the rabbit’s tracks.

I made pictures.

I liked the pictures.

I thought about why I liked the pictures. And then I made a list.

I’m Grateful For:

  • My mobility (to easily bring myself closer to these experiences)

  • My backyard (a slice of private space to enjoy)

  • My winter gear (warmth to allow me time to experience the moment comfortably)

  • My camera and tools (to allow me to capture the feeling, hold it close, and share it)

  • My eyesight (the sense I count on the most to take in the world) and my glasses (which fix my inadequate eyesight)

  • Sunlight (obviously)

  • Quiet (in a time of too. much. noise.)

  • Mornings (a kind of rebirth every 24 hours, really)

  • Winter (holy moly, I never thought I’d say it)


  • Wonder (may it stay with us always)

A reminder: despite the ills of the world, which can feel all-consuming, there is magic right in front of us. We just need to tune in to notice.

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