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Time for a Reboot

I'm doing a thing. A writing thing. A blogging thing!

Some of you may know that I blogged my way through a 365-day photo journal a few years ago. At the time, I committed to making and posting a picture a day for a year...which also often meandered into (arguably) thoughtful musings on photography, parenting, introversion, presence, and cats. The project confirmed my enthusiasm for the craft, got me on the road to extended learning, and provided the opportunity to connect with interesting people all over the world. 365 posts turned into 491 posts.

And then...


Life, as they say, happens.

new plant growth emerging from the ground
"The Wheel Turns," an image in my "Honour" collection.

In the years since, I've improved my skills, taken steps to develop and share my work, offered prints for purchase, and gotten to know lovely people in my artistic community.

I want to fire up the blog again.

I'm envisioning an outlet where I can share:

  • my inspirations and roadblocks

  • my photographic process and workflow

  • my appreciation for the work of others

  • my favourite posts and photos from the old blog

  • the stories behind my pictures

Also, when the mood strikes:

  • how I cope with... everything

  • why the book is nearly always better than the movie

  • The Awkwardly Introverted Procrastinator: An Autobiography

  • why Snickers beats Mars, every time

  • a poem now and then

I miss writing. I'm shooting for a weekly post, but who knows? If things get wildly productive, you might see two or three posts per week. Okay, maybe that's too ambitious. In any case, I'm excited to share more about who I am and why I do what I do. And I welcome the chance to answer your questions and learn from you, too.

Let's (re)start.


Success! I'll email you when I publish my next post.

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