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With My Little Eye (2)

The Blog Post In Which I Intentionally See Green

Last time I shared the results of my neighbourhood wanderings, I focused (excuse the pun, sorry) on circles. Circles in the architecture, in the trees, in the pavement...wherever I saw a circle, I pointed and I shot. I wasn’t going for fine art, just working on training my eye to observe, isolate, and capture.

The pandemic, grey winter days, and the drudgery of routine has quieted some of my creative spirit of late. That stinks,’s okay. Our moods - like everything else - fluctuate. Ebb and flow. These are lessons from the natural world, I think. There’s a time for contemplation and quiet, and a time for energy and action.

That doesn’t mean I don’t need a kick in the pants to move to the action phase, though. Far too much of my life has been spent in the thinking phase and not enough in the doing phase. Analysis Paralysis. Is that a medical term?

My day off this week was grey and overcast, and I nearly convinced myself to stay home and curl up for a nap with the cats. Instead, I left the cats (they cared not) and ventured off to another part of town for an exploratory walk. On the way there, I pondered my photographic “I Spy” theme. Stripes? Not today - maybe another when direct sun creates lots of shadow play. Solitude? Nah, too abstract for my tired head. Spring? Almost...but not yet. It was around the corner, though. And so was St. Patrick’s Day. I settled on a simple theme: green. My go-to green photographic subjects - flora of all kinds - weren’t yet available, so this seemed like a challenging enough task on a winter day when conditions were flat and unremarkable.

I travelled streets and trails in West Galt, looking for green. I made 43 pictures in total. I won't make you look at all of them, but here are a few that stood out for me (click on the image to see the entire photo).

Construction and doors...

...neighbourhood details...

...texture, texture, texture...

Perhaps this post could double as a reminder to Please Pick Up Your Garbage and Especially Your Dog’s Poop:

The easiest (and best) green subjects are the natural ones:

If you're in the northern hemisphere, I wish you a beautiful first day of spring.

As always, I’m happy to see what you came up with on your I Spy mission. Tag me on Facebook (@vanessapejovicphotographs) or Instagram (@vanessa.pejovic) if you choose to share your photos.

See you next week.

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