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With My Little Eye (3)

The Blog Post In Which Galt’s True Stripes are Revealed

I’m back again for another game of I Spy. This time I walked a quick (start time: 6:43 a.m., finish time: 7:22 a.m.) loop of downtown Galt, looking for stripes.

The day was overcast, so despite the fact that I’d have no striking shadows to work with, there was no shortage of stripes. I’ve posted a few of my favourites here:

It’s really quite amazing how much we can notice once we start paying attention.

Want to look for stripes in your room, backyard, or neighbourhood (it makes for something to do during lockdown)? Find them, capture them, post them, and don’t forget to tag me - FB: @vanessapejovicphotographs, IG: @vanessa.pejovic.

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