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I'm Vanessa.


I draw the inspiration for my photographs from the quiet, often-overlooked wonders of the spaces close to my home, here in southwestern Ontario, Canada. I study, capture, and interpret the beauty in their ever-changing shadows, patterns, tones, and moods. 


Then, I commit it to print and share it with you, in hopes that you’ll feel as soothed and awed as I was when I made it.


Art is intensely personal. If you see something here that resonates with you - that moves you somehow in your heart or your memory - you and I have made a special connection.


If that’s the case, you’re invited to join me regularly as I wander the region to make more photographs. Don’t worry, you don’t need hiking boots for this: all you need is an email address. Tell me where to send you a once-or-twice-a-month update featuring my newest work, the narratives that accompany it, and special offers for bringing my photographs into your cherished spaces.

Prefer to look around first? Please do.


Enrich your living and working spaces with art that's meaningful to you.
Prints 8x12" and larger are limited-edition pieces, professionally printed on 100% cotton Hahnemühle fine art paper or Hahnemühle poly-cotton bright white Daguerre canvas.


Colours, depth and detail are beautifully rendered on these luxurious, museum-quality materials with excellent age resistance.

You'll enjoy your prints for many years to come.



Select images are available printed on 5x7" silky cardstock, blank on the reverse for your personalized message.


Frame them for yourself or use the included envelope to send them to a friend. 

Mini prints are $10 each, or 5 for $40 using the code 5FOR40 at checkout.

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